Terms of using the Gift Card


General terms:

  • The Gift Card have to be used untill the expiration date printed on the card. The expiration date cannot be prolonged.
  • The Gift Card can be used for the purchase of plants available in the online-store at present, or for reservation of plants acquires commissioned.
  • The Gift Card have to be used in a single purchase. If the sum of plant and delivery prices exceed the price of The Gift Card, there can be additional payment done. The Gift Card or part of it cannot be changed in cash.
  • Gift Card's unique number can be used only once, so make sure that your Gift Card is not used by someone else. The Gift Card must not be duplicate or falsify.


Info on the Gift Card:

This GIFT CARD’s value is ................... EUR. It is intended to pay
for plant purchase and delivery from the online-store www.palmija.lv

The orden may be made in 3 ways:
1) You just have to open the specified website and choose plants, pressing the "Add to cart" button, then fill up the order form, note Your Gift Card’s number in the „Description” field, or

2) send an e-mail message with a list of plants to eveikals@palmija.lv, with mark „Gift Card”, number of card and Your name and surname, or

3) send SMS to the number (+371) 27475854 with text "about card", and our operator will communicate with You to help making the order.

Expiration date: untill ................................

Have a nice shopping!