Gift card for the purchase of plants - value 20 EUR

Gift Card for buying plants in our online-store / Code: CT1201

Available (20)


Card expiry date: 8 months

Gratify dear people or colleagues making present via the Gift Card from our online-store! It is colorful, neatly presented, containing Your congratulation text. It can be printed on A4 paper (sample seen in picture). When fill up the order form, You can set the language of the Gift Card and enter Your congratulatory text and choose the way of receiving the Card.


After making the order you will receive a bill. After the payment of the bill You will receive the electronic version of the Gift Card, or its print version as a registered letter to your address (as You will choose).


Regardless of the moment when the Gift card holder will do the shopping in our online store, plant delivery will take place in the near future, from the beginning of April until the end of October (inclusive). Information about the use of the Gift Card can be found on the Gift Card, as well as here.


Each Gift Card has a unique number - the card can be used only once. The Gift Card must not be duplicate or falsify.


Delivery of ordersDelivery of orders is made by couriers or using post terminals. Delivery can be packed as a gift in a beautiful package.

Plants delivery is available from 15 May to 30 October.

Purchases over 150 EUR will be applied a 10% discount from the purchase price.